Wearing headphones whole life

Wearing headphones whole life

Wearing headphones whole life


There are people that wear headphones like a hat. All day, every day. Why? Well, they just have too. What would call center/helpline worker do without his office headset? He would not make a single call, because it is impossible without that. What about sound engineers? They have to wear them too. In addition they use headphones even after work doing some additional things. Maybe you do it too? Do you wear them as a hat? It does not matter if it is office headset https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets or your own. Stop for a moment and take a look at it.

Everyday usage

Typical person uses his/her headphones listening to music, watching movies or series and speaking with family or friends via skype, messenger, etc. Is it a lot? It depends how much times this person spends on these things. Kids nowadays use their phones and PCs almost all the time and spend long hours with it. It’s not healthy for them, especially when they listen to their music as loud as it is possible. They just don’t realise how dangerous it is. They can get deaf very easily. We all can. That’s why we should just turn it down a bit.

Work, work, work…

Every one of us knows at least one person who works or worked in call center, some helpline or support. These employees wear their office headset all they long. Ten hours with headphones on a head is dangerous too. Not every headset is flexible and light. Some of them are heavy and very poorly made. Every person has to feel comfortable doing his job. Otherwise he will change a job very soon.

Headsets of professional gamers are very big and heavy, but are still very comfortable. Maybe that’s why they are so expensive. Anyway, they spend a lot of their time with headphones on their heads too. So as sounds engineers and musicians. Almost every person nowadays wears headphones for most of his time.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that we are listening to music with our headphones on, being in our own worlds during this and normal interactions between people are very rare these days. Sometimes we just have to take them off and speak with other people. Someday we will reach the point that streets will be silent due to people closed in their own worlds listening to music on their headphones. It’s sad but true. In addition it’s very unhealthy for us but we don’t care. We just don’t want to talk to other people and I don’t know why. Let’s take a look at people twenty years ago and streets full of laughs, small talks and screams. It seemed like people back then were a lot of happier. Interaction between people is important. Remember that.